Email & Document Encryption Made Effortless
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  • How It Works

    • Compose your email in Outlook just like normal, and then tell docNCRYPT to encrypt
    • docNCRYPT will send your password-protected email directly from Outlook
    • You can also choose to send a second email to notify your recipients of the password or password hint if you prefer
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  • Keep Excel, Word, PPT Formatting

    • Password-protect your Excel, Word and PPT email attachments without converting to PDF.
    • Enable your recipients to edit and redline your encrypted documents. You can now collaborate without giving up security.
    • P.S. : If you'd rather convert them to PDF so they are read-only, docNCRYPT can do that also
    • Collaboration can now be done easily without a confusing portal 
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  • Encrypt Your Email Message

    • Sometimes confidential information is required in the text of an email message. docNCRYPT protects this communication by converting your email message into a Word or PDF attachment that is password-protected.
    • This adds a layer of security to your email correspondence and allows you to send secure messages directly to your contacts 
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