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About Us


About us:

Maintaining privacy and confidentiality are becoming major headaches for individuals, small businesses, and organizations of all sizes. Recognizing that there have been no viable solutions – that is, products that are simple to use and cost-effective –Azstec LLC created docNCRYPT, a plugin for Microsoft Office and Webmail systems that solves the problem of document and email security with software that is incredibly simple to deploy, use, and maintain.



Imtiaz Munshi, a CPA, founded Azstec after searching for practical solutions to keep his clients’ information secure. He found available products to be overly complex, confusing, and expensive and none of them solved the problem of protecting confidential files both in transit (email) and at rest (at both the sender’s and recipient’s ends as well as in cloud storage). Many of these products required custom email applications or own hosted or Internet portals often with complex setup and registration processes and none of them worked within the normal workflow of his business.



Munshi developed the concept of docNCRYT with a software engineer, Saj Patel, and by leveraging existing and proven technology in Microsoft Office they were able to build a document encryption solution that met all of their goals.



After two years of development and testing in real world environments docNCRYPT is now being used every day and protects confidential information in CPA firms, financial advisors, attorney’s offices, medical offices, and scores of other businesses.


Whether you need to protect your customers’ information due to regulations such as HIPAA, HITECH, SEC, and PCI or just to observe good business practice, docNCRYPT is the simplest, lowest overhead, and most cost effective way to move, store, and protect your and your customers’ sensitive information.


When you try docNCRYPT we’d love to hear about your success and how it improves your security as well as your suggestions and comments on how to improve our products. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.